Sunday, April 8, 2007

Repertoire Goals

One of the first things my teacher and I talked about was what I wanted to get out of my new desire to resume learning the piano. Well, here is a short list of the type of repertoire that I want to learn. I won't list every single piece since that will take up too much space, but I'll mention a few that worth noting. So, organized by composer, in no particular order:
  1. Beethoven: Sonatas (Op. 28 (Pastoral), Op 27 No 2 (Moonlight), Op 106); violin and piano sonatas as well
  2. Rachmaninoff: Preludes (Op 23 No 4 is beautiful; Op 32 No 13 sounds like an exciting one to play); Fantasie-Tableaux for two pianos
  3. Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies
  4. Bach: Everything...his music is just incredible.
  5. Mozart: Some of his pieces for four hands one piano
  6. Brahms and Debussy are always beautiful
Well, there's a list of some of the pieces I want to ultimately learn. It will be a challenge, but one I am up to pursuing. So far I have learned one of Beethoven's Piano Sonatas, specifically his sonata in G major, Op 79. I am currently working on his Pathetique sonata (along with some other pieces by some other composers). This list is by no means the only composers who's music I wish to learn, but just a small list of some of the main ones. And of course the list constantly changes. Who knows what I'll want to learn a month from now.

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Victor said...

How about something modern and just as beautiful-- Gershwin maybe? or even better- Philip Glass's Mad Rush!